Some of John Wain’s published titles
Novels : Hurry On Down (1953); Living In The Present; The Contenders (1959); A Travelling  Woman; Strike The Father Dead(1962); The Smaller Sky (1967); The Young Visitors; A Winter In The Hills (1970); The Pardoner’s Tale (1978); Young Shoulders;  The Oxford Trilogy: Where The Rivers Meet (1988); Comedies (1990); Hungry Generations (1994).
Poetry : Mixed Feelings; Weep Before God; A Word Carved On A Sill; Wildtrack; Feng; Letters to Five Artists; Selected Poems 1949 – 1979; Open Country; The Seafarer (translated from Anglo-Saxon); Selected Poems and Memoirs (2000).
Biography : Samuel Johnson (1974)
Memoirs and autobiography : Sprightly Running; Professing Poetry (personal sections); Dear Shadows (1986) Selected Poems and Memoirs (2000)
Drama : Harry In The Night (1975); Frank; Johnson Is Leaving(1994)
Short Stories : collections : Nuncle and other stories; Death of the Hind Legs; The Lifeguard
Criticism : Critical Essays; The Living World of Shakespeare; A House For The Truth; lectures while Professor of Poetry at Oxford collected in Professing Poetry (1978)
Edited : Oxford Library of English Poetry; Journals of James Boswell 1760 – 1795