BBC film on Gerard Manley Hopkins written and narrated by John Wain


Film of John Wain’s documentary, produced and broadcast on the BBC, about Gerard Manley Hopkins. He wrote the script and presented the programme, which was shot in Oxford, North Wales and elsewhere, and is one of the best pieces of film narration or indeed criticism that he produced. Dates to around 1990.

Johnson Is Leaving (1994)

John Wain’s final piece of work,completed with the help of the actor Bruce Purchase a week or so before the writer’s death in May 1994. It tells the story of Dr Johnson’s final days. The monodrama was performed many times by Bruce Purchase –  who sadly died himself a few years ago –  notably at the Swan theatre in Stratford. at St John’s College, Oxford, and at Dr Johnson’s House in Gough Square.

Simon Campbell-Jones produced and directed a film of the performance, with Bruce Purchase, and I’m hoping to make the entire film (or an excerpt) available on this site when I can.